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by Bad Eric

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released May 28, 2016

Recorded in Raleigh, NC by Hollywood Jeffe
Music & Art by BAD ERIC
Tape for Spring tour 2016



all rights reserved


Bad Eric Greensboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: G.S.O. (Goons Stompin' Out)
Our life is plain, nothing to see
Nowhere to run, this web of highways means nothing to me
Your shit stop on the way to greener grass
The gateway to the south isn't as pretty as it seems

"Fuck anyone who doesn't have a problem living in a small town full of big idiots"- Wriggle, 2013
Track Name: Sewer
Can't shake this feeling
I know who you are
A gentle stream of blood pours through the sewers of my mind
Blood red thoughts
Visions of blood
A crimson film
My FANTASY skews my reality, so fuck off
Blood red thoughts
I don't see straight when I have blood red thoughts
Track Name: Bite
You bark
You scream
You growl
You show your teeth
Not sharp
Good luck convincing me

You bark, you scream, you criticize me
You've barked, now lets see some bite

You bark
You scream
You growl
You show your teeth
For what?
Act on what you say to me

All bark, no bite
Track Name: MedioCORE
Bullshit politics
Cross on your neck
Message to preach
Save your breath
Your views don't matter to me
We've heard it all before
Pray to your GOD but stay away from me

Double life
Born to breed mediocrity
How do you justify your bullshit beliefs?

Keep your cross out, this space isn't for you

Stay away
Track Name: Wormwood
Mindless, absent, stupid
Fear in self loathing
Sand on my shoulders covering my eyes

Weighs me down
Time is running out
Too much to do
Finding less time to get a fucking clue
Track Name: Drone
The ringing never stops
Scars of where I've been, how I live
Eternal void
I'll never hear silence again

My personal hell
Sweet drone cloak my thoughts
No going back, no hope for me
Hug my mind

Sweet drone hug my mind
I've made my bed, and I'll lay in it

Voices in my head, I'll never be the same
I am rendered useless
Cloak my thoughts